Spyware in Tiger?? Please help



Somehow my network admin, has kicked me off for having spyware on my mac. But I've read various reports that if there is any type of spyware problem it's rare. I could be wrong. Also, if there is a problem with spyware where would I go to get a decent or good scanner? Also, it might be a virus, but I've read the fourms here and there's no possiblity that there might be a virus created for os x. Thanks for your time.


How would a network admin decect such a thing?

Probably he's just confused because your Mac is connecting to some "non-standard" (i.e. Mac-specific) ports that he's complely unfamiliar with.

To see what ports you're allowing in check out your Firewall in Sharing, or do a port scan of yourself using the Utilities > Network Utility.


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There is no Mac OS X spyware currently -- that's not to say that there ever will be, but for now, we're safe and your admin is mistaken (although it may not be wise to inform him/her in that way ;) ).

Have you been running any network-intensive programs? BitTorrent? LimeWire? Acquisition? Perhaps he was detecting some Adobe application "phoning home?"


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It'd help to request from the network admin some more information than "I detected spyware". Port numbers and times/dates are useful. See if you can narrow it down that way.

Little Snitch is a small inexpensive system preference pane which you can run which allows you to see which programs are using your network connection and allow or disallow them.