Start up disk has a ? mark.


Oks..well thats my problem start up disk cannot be found? How can I fix that? I have already managed to fix finding folder when it was lost. Also managed to fix my interent conection but this one I have no idea how or where to start to fix.

I'm the only one in the house with a iBook G4. ????

Also I want to upload picks that are photo clipings. I only have the appleworks to work with so far. ?...Can I manage that somehow so I can upload on photobucket? :(
If the system eventually gets past that flashing question mark icon and boots, then simply open the System Preferences and select the correct startup disk in the Startup Disk pane.

This information is stored in your iBooks "PRAM" and sometimes can get garbled or corrupted, and your iBook has to go searching for a suitable startup drive (which is what it's doing when you see the flashing question mark icon).