Startup Fails -> Blinking Sleep Led On 15" Pn .867ghz


I have a 15" pb 867 MHz running 10.2. It froze (no cursor movement, no response to opt-cmd-esc or cmd-tab) so I powered down by holding the power button, then tried to start up again. It made several beeps and started flashing the sleep-indicator led in a pause-four(?) flashes-pause pattern. IIRC the screen was black.

A few minutes later it started up OK, but I'm curious what the flashes meant.

Thank you.

Consider yourself lucky!!

This just happened to me but mine won't start up again.
Were the bleeps, three bleeps like an engaged tone on a telephone?

I have a 15" G4 Powerbook btw. If anyone knows how to fix this pls help
Three beeps, or four flashes of the sleep light, repeating - means that your memory is failing the power-on test. try removing memory in one of the slots. If you have memory in only one slot, try moving it to the other slot. If you still get beeps/etc., then your memory is bad, or the slots are bad (which is a bad logic board)