Steve Jobs Interview...


He gave a short conference today - parts of which can be read at the link below...

from what i have read i see these things as being of note -

1) No video iPod anytime soon. if anything (i've said this before - and its pure conjecture) it'll be a device that allows playback to a tv / screen via a dock.

2) Thankfully they won't be adding superfluous features to the iPod - i.e. radio / satellite radio (which is very US-centric) - i guess there's a reason you've got 'a thousand songs in your pocket', you dont want radio!...

3) Bluetooth is flakey (and how!). i never saw the real benefits of BT in the ipod from those that call for it. as technology moves forward we may see wireless innards - but at the moment it's just not good enough.

4) No 'iHome' anytime soon either - the 'go to market' argument he uses is compelling. though i still think if anyone was to overcome this and deliver a great 'iHome' solution - it would be apple. and i think there is a market!!

so a great deal of the more meaty rumours that seem to spring up could possibly be put to bed... although apple does have a habit of surprising everybody... lets not forget - 'hell froze over' and 'the cut price mac'...
hold the phone; why would they develop an iHome unit, all the way to the packaging, and then not sell it? I haven't been following the news on the iHome, so I don't know much about it, but looking at those pictures Reality posted makes me a little confused.
Try not to think to much about the pictures. They are most likely fake. I mean, they could be real, the iHome could be announced next week or something for all we know, but its most likely a well made hoax.
yep - it would seem mac users want an ihome more than apple want to produce one right now.

and those pics are well known fakes.
perhaps this video will give you an insight as to why Apple is holding off making a media centre. (It also gives you the opportunity to watch Bill Gates squirm).

God bless Conan for making it bearable.

It's not unlike Apple to lag behind the competition and then release something later that blows them out of the water.
the key point is that apple arent adding it into the body of the ipod.

i suppose they are more that aware of 3rd party developers building 'add-ons' - but i for one am glad the ipod won't become the bloatware of the hardware world at the moment. the core features are great - add the ability to play video via the ipod and it'll be the perfect portable device.
i personally think itunes/ipod is getting bloated. i want to turn off podcasts, for example. i don't want the clutter. i don't want video, or at least, not in the shoddy way MacOS currently does it.

photos are nice, but where's the logic?
i feel the same about podcasts - i think (hope!) we'll probably see better management preferences for those as time goes on.

the photos are nice - i keep most of my family albums on my ipod - i travel a lot so its nice to have them at hand on the road... and i've also started using the camera connector to transfer pics... so my powerbook can now stay safely tucked away.