Stick with 9.1 X will only give you problems


X is a load of crap heaved on us from apple. They could have at least took thier time on it and get all the major system components to work right. oh well not worth the $129 you guys are paying for it. I got stuck payin $30 for the beta and it is worth about that until it actually works. Late
Did you by any chance install over the Public Beta? when I tried that I had all sorts of problems, but after I removed the public beta and reinstalled, everything worked perfectly. You do have to be sure to get rid of the invisible files/directories when removing the public beta. It was well worth the $70 I paid for it (educational discount, no PB discount) and would also be worth the $100 I would have had to pay to get it without the educational discount. $130 might be a bit much, but if you look around a little, there is no need to pay that much.
OS X runs fine, as always the only problem is the end users that are too stupid to use/learn anything...

-John Locke