Strange menus, how to get rid of them?


Strange menus, that often have nothing to do with what I have clicked on , appear. They keep me from being able to do such things as:

- move a window on the screen
- click on the submit icon when trying to post on a forum
- click on the arrow to go to a previous webpage

Is there a way to turn off these menus?

Thanks very much.


It would be nice if you provided more info. I'm assuming you mean when you are surfing the web by the examples you've given? So lets start which browser and OS?


Hi, Djackmac. :)

Thanks for your post.

Safari, and Leopard 10.5.

Yes, it happens while on the internet. When typing an email or using Pages, the pop-up menus have not appeared.

They don't always appear.


When I want to drag a page, by clicking on the grey area above the toolbar, a window sometimes appears that says "Customize Toolbar".

When I try to click on something in this post, to edit, a window often appears with a menu list that starts with "Back".

Clicking on the edit button: sometimes a menu appears that starts with "Open in a new window".

Thanks very much for your help.
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That's a normal right-click (contextual) menu. Means that you are right-clicking.
On a MacBook Pro (and your trackpad), then that likely means that you are inadvertantly touching the trackpad with a second finger - so two fingers are touching the trackpad at the same time. Clicking the pad will cause the contextual menu to appear. You can turn that off (secondary clicks) in your System Preferences/Trackpad preference pane.
If that option is turned off, you can still get the right-click menu when needed, by clicking while holding your Control key.


DeltaMac, thanks very much for your kind help. :)

I have unmarked the box in front of secondary clicks. I have always had the box checked for ignoring accidental trackpad input. Hope those are the correct things to do.

This trouble only started a few weeks ago.

Other fingers inadvertently touching the trackpad. Aargh!

I will pay better attention and see what happens.

Thanks ever so much. Those menus are a bother.

I appreciate your taking time to post the help. :)
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MacbookProUser -
please don't blank out your posts when you have a solution ...
Someone else may have that same problem, and may appreciate knowing what your solution was (no matter how silly, someone else may do the same thing :D )