Strange Mouse problems 10.8.2


Since updating to 10.8.2 when trying to drag a single folder to another location
on desktop, several folder will randomly be highlighted and can't be dragged.
Also, selecting folder to change folder name results in folder opening up instead of allowing name change. It occurs with any brand mouse I use.

Please Help
Does your mouse work properly after a restart of your Mac?

I wouldn't waste my time posting here if I hadn't tried every possible solution that could be tried. Let alone restarting.
Don't waste my time with a response like this.
Well, that's gratitude for ya!

Throw your mouse & Mac away and buy new. Sure fire way to fix the problem.
I don't usually waste MY time asking a question, unless I think it's relevant.
By the way, I did not yet provide a response - I just asked a question (which you decided was somehow meant to be demeaning. It was not my intent!)
A restart is usually what fixes that issue, and you didn't go into much detail about what you have already tried (other than trying a whole herd of mice :D - and it's not likely a problem caused by a mouse)
and - That's why I asked that question

You may notice that SGilbert did provide a response, but alas, I only asked a question. :D

So, another question...
Is your keyboard working properly, without ANY sticking keys?
You can test that in your Language & Text pref pane, then the Input Souces tab. Check the box in Keyboard & Character Viewer.
Now, select Show Keyboard Viewer, from the flag icon in your menubar.
Test each key, to see that it both accepts a press, and releases when YOU release it (with no hang or delay)
particularly pay attention to the modifier keys, on both sides, if they exist on both sides... (control, Option, Command and Caps Lock, and shift)

If that doesn't provide you with any help, did you try a different user account? Note that if you have a keyboard issue, you probably won't be able to log in to another account - but it's worth trying.
Do you have any other USB devices attached, including USB hubs?
Which Mac are you using?
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You also may notice that DeltaMac is one of the most patient, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and insightful techs that this forum has. If he asks a question, be assured that there is a reason for it. He will tirelessly get to the source of the problem and walk you through the logical solution.

I consider myself an advanced Mac user, and DeltaMac has generously helped me with several problems over the years.

Sorry for my abrupt answer, but you really need to understand that there needs to be dialog to solve a problem, especially with little, to no, detail to go on.