Stumped: iSync


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So I've used iSync before with little or no issue until now. Since my upgrade to Tiger and iSync 2.0 (Beta software at best) I can't add my iPod to the list of devices to sync? Drag and drop is a no go as is add new device. I've connected via FireWire, USB, Dock no luck yet iSync seems to have no issue finding my Blackberry 7290 which is turned off, not connected and 20KM away at the office Any thought is there a pref file I should dump? Should I turf it and go back to 1.5?
Yup... Apple just moved those features from iSync to iTunes for the iPod. Connect your iPod, then open iTunes' preferences and there should be a bunch of new features concerning Contact and Calendar syncing under "iPod."

I suppose Apple thought it a little backward to have to use two different applications to sync one device. iSync is still used to sync the data, as is evident if you choose to enable the menubar iSync icon and then sync the iPod through iTunes -- the little arrows spin as if you were using iSync. So, essentially, only the "front end" of the syncing process for iPods was moved to iTunes -- I think the frameworks are still the same behind-the-scenes, but to the end user, it's completely different.