Stupid CD Tray Tricks


If you are lucky enough to have two CD drives of any kind (DVD-ROM, CD-RW, CD-ROM, etc.) with a computer that has 10.1, you can do some odd things. Hit the F12 button and they both eject. You can have races to see which one is faster...Or, you could manually eject one, leaving the other closed, hit F12, watch one close and the other open! Really good for those times when work seems like to isn't all that exciting...tray races are! And as for that other site, ummm....what?
Just a thought, but I remember reading that the F12 thing was actually implemented for those who have older keyboards and powerbooks. So I wonder if this isn't some other incarnation of the bug in 10.0.4 where using the "eject" button on the keyboard ejected all removable media (CD and Zip). At least on the internal bus.

So I wonder if someone has two CD-RW (or what have you) and they have an older keyboard, then the solution that Apple has come up with for those keyboards without an eject button has a bug, right?:confused:
Why shouldn't it eject everything? It's not like you can tell the key "Now, I only want you to eject the CD, not the Zip disk"...

How would it not eject everything? Unless you set up a key to specifically eject only one device, such a key would have to eject everything.
The eject key and the F12 key on my machine only eject CD's...not the zip. Even if I have both in at the same time. The "dual" eject thing was only on was aggravating because I'd have a work zip in the drive and would eject a CD and both would pop out. Now the bug's fixed in 10.1.

This is also where they've added the F12 support for those not fortunate enough to have a newer keyboard. While I don't think it will eject a CD and a Zip (it doesn't on my machine)...I'm just curious why it decides to eject two CD's if it's suppose to act like the eject button (which doesn't eject other CD's?). I don't know, Scope didn't mention if he was using a keyboard with the eject key. If not, then it sounds like some sort of bug, or maybe it recognizes CD-ROM's, CD-R's and CD-RW's and not other type of removable media.

It's possible that the eject key is meant to eject all CD type media when it is mounted, and if that's the case then the F12 key is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. If not though, then it may be a bug...I just assumed that the eject key was for your internal CD-RW/CD-ROM. Users of older keyboards may have a bittersweet surprise when they learn that the F12 key acts like the eject button (yeah), but it's going to eject any CD from any drive regardless of whether it's in use or not (boo).
I have an "old" of the ones with no eject key, the compacted F keys, and no option or control button on the right side...i'm gonna get a new one soon, though.
I was at a friends last night who has an older keyboard (the iMac kind, the kind that Scope has). He has an internal CD-ROM and a USB Iomega CD-R. When you push the F12 key it opens both drives. Upon doing this my buddy thought that was pretty weird. He said "so if I have an audio CD playing in there (the internal) and I've just burned something there (the Iomega) then when I push that (the F12 key), it's going to eject my CD-R and stop my music and eject that CD?"

"Yeah," I said.

"That's !@#$," he said.

Likewise, if you have a disc in either drive and push the F12 key, it ejects one disc and opens the other tray. I doubt if this is a bug, just a limitation. I'm sure that the eject key on the newer keyboards will do the same thing. So Scope, if you read this, and you're only planning on getting the new keyboard for the eject button, I'd wait, but, if you want the added convenience of the volume and mute buttons, then have at it. Just be aware that even with the newer keyboard you may still be having frequent tray races. I'll get a hold of my dad later today who has an external CD-RW and a newer keyboard, and I'll find out for sure if his does the same thing. I'm pretty sure it will...
i think the eject key should just eject the volumes which are selected on the finder desktop. this would b useful :eek:
My tray races get boring way too fast. My external burner's tray always wins since my iBook and iMac's trays only pop out partially, you gotta do the rest manually with them :p
scope... do you have two cd drives in your g4 tower???

Just wondering, because I have an two cd drives that I want to have installed into my g4... obviously, that's sort of a problem because the second slot there is too small. I'm looking for people who have accomplished doing this.
I have a DVD-ROM drive in the tower, and a CD-RW Drive on Firewire. I've also been trying to get two CD drives in my tower, it's just that that slot is filled with a 40GB hard drive right now...