Supreme Court - Grokster v. MGM


Has anyone else read up on this?? From what i am aware of it was 9 - 0 vote in favor of MGM. What the heck does this mean? Pretty much from what i'm guessing is that any type of P2P application, including legal ones are now illegal?

From what i am gathering it means, that now DVDr's are now illegal, the iPod is now illegal, VCR's are now illegal, OpenSource and FTP's are now illegal, anything that means sharing information is now in fact illegal or am i reading too much into this?

This legal mumbo-jumbo is makin my head hurt.
please, cut the caffeine!

the ruling stated that P2P software makers were now legally liable for how their products are used.

since limewire didn't make your iPod, it's safe.
i'm reading what it means right now...funny they are shutting down 2 P2P networks that sucked anyway... ::ha:: about 5 more will spring up in Morpheus and Grokster's place's anyway, filesharing is not gonna stop.

Even if it's sharing playlist's through iTunes or sharing songs from a cd or movies, it's not going to.

What RIAA and the MPAA need to learn is that they need to develop with the times, lower ticket prices for movies and dvds, lower rental costs, and lower CD prices, i laugh everytime someone i know purchases a cd for 20 bucks, while i get the same CD off of iTunes for 9 or 12 bucks.

/BTW RIAA sucks
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///little rant
////pardont the slashes, ::ha:: ::ha:: ::ha:: ::ha:: ::ha::
I guess we should sue gun companies for homicides :p
I guess more P2P applications these days will either have large logging functions, or will be public domain/free software/GNU to avoid the legal storms that might ensue