Does anyone know where I can get a working dowload link for sVideo? doesnt seem to work.

I just got a labtec webcam and I'm trying to get it to run on iChat... Needless to say I'm having trouble. I think that sVideo will help me but im not to sure. If you have a better suggestion on how I would go about this, please let me know.

-Thank you
Looking at the link to the developer's site - this product seems to have vanished.
Have you done a search for similar products at ?
... similar products ? That one is a no show, I guess. Too bad Apple doesn't remove it from their site. I think this falls under "... mention of a third-party product does not imply endorsement of the product by Apple,, blah, blah "
Well that really sucks.. Guess I'm going to have to return the Labtec cameras. Thanks for all your help. *Goes and buys iSight*.