System Audio Balance Self Changing


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I was wondering why my audio was very low at full power. I'm checking my stero, cables, speakers, and after I gave up and figured I needed a new reciever... look in the sound prefs and the balance shifted to the right only. So that was a week ago, today, it was playing fine, I'm changing the audio and the same problem. i open the sound prefs, adjust my sound, and you can see the balance slider jump around as I adjust the main sound.

Any ideas on how to stop this?


I have the same problem, the balance in sound preferences just keeps jumping around in random places...

I'm running OS 10.4.2 with an iMic connected to a regular amplifier with speakers.


I connect my Headphone or my stereo to the powerbook and *always* have to change the balance once the computer goes to hibernation. It seems like it is forgetting the preference and on startup calculates a random value.

Any help / hints / ideas on how to solve this would be highly appreciated.

This is Tiger 10.4.2 on a Powerbook 15', 1.67.


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Sounds like a preference file for Sound is out of whack. Look for the corresponding preference file in your Home Folder.