System hangs and then script message dsiplays


I have a IMAC running OSX 7.5. Lately I have had increasing problems with the system hanging for up to 30 seconds. Often but not always, a Script message is displayed about a script not working.

I have run all sorts of system checks and nothing is found to be remiss. The Software has been Apple Disk Utility, Disk Warrior, & Tech Tool Pro.


Can you give us the exact wording of that message?

Also, tell us which iMac you have, along with the version of OS X. You can see the exact OS X version (as well as a couple of relevant facts, such as memory and processor) under your Apple menu/About this Mac.

Very often, new issues that can't easily be pinned down to just one app - can be helped, or fixed completely by downloading and installing your current OS X combined updater. If you are running OS X 10.7.5, then that updater can be found here:
I suggest that you restart your iMac before you install the updater.
One reason that can help - the updater checks for all previous updates for 10.7, verifying that all are updated to the correct version, and that those pieces are complete, and in the correct location. It CAN fix a large variety of minor issues in the system.