System password


I'm getting fed up with having to enter my password whenever adding or updating anything in Utilities folder.
Do not have to do it in Applications folder. It's been this way for a long time, and I'm sooo tired of it.

Anyway to correct, fix, or alter this??
I did some searching. Apple put in protections to the Utility folder so the 'average' user does not move items out or in that should not be there. Their mantra is to allow the installer to put the app where they think it should be and you the user should leave it there as it. If it is installed in the Applications folder, that is where it should stay. And you can use Launchpad to find the app you want and launch it from there.

In some ways, it does make sense. You don't want to accidentally move a file to the desktop from say the System folder. But to the more savvy user or super user, we want our utility items in the Utility folder. I believe Apple included 'protection status' in El Capitan.

You can disable the SIP (System Integrity Protection), but it would disable it for the entire system on the computer. You can disable it, do your moves, then enable it back. But it involves restarting in Recovery Mode, using Terminal, then restarting. Then repeat to enable after you are done with your moves.

Here's an article from iMore that explains in more detail.

It may be just easier to type in your admin password.
NOT what I wanted to hear, but exactly what I have suspected for awhile.

I'm half tempted to create my own Utilities folder. Call it something different, Maybe Repairs & Maintenance-but that's too long. :(
Then, move all my non Apple utilities to that folder.
I'm thinking (dangerous, I know) that the new folder needs to be within the Applications folder instead of along side the Applications folder, as some apps look for the resources there.
Whatcha think??
Any new folders that you put _ in front of will show up first in the directory. So if you had a _Utilities or a group of folders that all started with _ then they would be on top of the Applications folder.

Ever since iCloud moved all my files off my Desktop and out of my Documents folder, I too got fed up and because I never want it to happen again I have created a folder in my home folder called _[Username's] Documents. I do not want Apple telling me what to do with my files on some pretend "cloud" location!
Well, I did it. What a pain in the a$$! Had to enter my system password MANY times. Of course, due to another of Apple's 'wisdom', I couldn't just drag to new folder (named My Utilities), as that only created aliases. :(. Had to drag to trash, and then to my new folder. Of course, I had to enter password for each.
17 items, by the way, could not be moved.
Time will tell whether this will work out.

And, yes AHB, I created my own Documents folder many years ago.
You could have avoided the multiple aliases, by doing an "Option-drag" to the new location. That makes a copy of the file in that new location (no alias! :cool: ), then you just drag the files out of the old location to the trash.
Did you have SIP disabled? SIP off, should let you move those "stuck" files out of Apple's protected folders, assuming that none of those files or apps are Apple apps. That's a bit of a waste if you only have a single file or app to move, but sounds like you had dozens to deal with.