Tempature of a G5


I think I have got a problem with my G5 2x 1.8GHz, but I cannot find out if it's a problem, there nobody, till now, who can tell me something about it, not on the net and the apple store in the Netherlands says: bring it over, we have to look if there is a problem.

So, this is my question:
When I feel at the backside of the machine it's tempature is sometimes very very hot, in the beginning I thought the fan's are not working, but it wasn't, they are working.

I downloaded software to get information about the heat, the program tells me that the heat is about 45-50°C ( I don't now it in Fahrnheit, sorry), when I measure the tempature on the other G5(same machine, only 2 months younger, the temp. is 25°C for the CPU and other stuff.

Is there any view for those things, for what is the max tempature.

How can help me with this problem, if it's a problem
Apparently, 45 degrees Celsius is about 113 degrees Fahrenheit which is about normal for the CPU. 25 degrees Celsius is about 76-77 degrees Fahrenheit which is a little cool for a CPU, but mostly normal. I would assume that things are okay as long as the computer dosent start to randomly crash/reboot. Input from other members would be a good thing :D.
Perfectly normal temperature ranges for both machines.

Differences in temperatures of the models could be anything -- location, placement, orientation, usage, direction, hell -- it could be anything.

It might also be good to add that software that monitors processor temperatures tends to be wildly inaccurate... use it for a ballpark estimate on processor temps only.