the INTEL bully


Is it true that the CPUs (IBMs and Intels) will follow the Grafix Card situation (Ati/Nvidia)? In the older days only Ati cards would equip the old G3 PowerMacs (if i remember correctly) and nowadays both Ati and Nvidia are used in different configurations. Perhaps same things stands for CPUs so Apple can pressure IBM using Intel as a "bully" and have both MacIntels and MacIbms on production with diff configs.
Just a thought.


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Well, let's just say that Steve quite clearly said this was a transition. So no, what you're proposing doesn't seem to be the plan. Doesn't mean things could change. I mean: We've seen an iPod video today after all. But I don't think IBM will let itself be bullied like that.


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Especially considering IBM's processor division is the third biggest manufacturer of processors and is well and truly tied up making chips for the new XBox 360, Nintendo Revolution, PlayStation 3, Toshiba, IBM's servers and Lenovo. Apple simply is not capable of bullying IBM in the way you describe.


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Well i cant remember any other grafx cards other than AtiRage when she was on a old G3 desktop (old=the gray looked PMacs back then). After those models only i can remember some G3 (new design) desktops wearing GForce Nvidia cards.
If i remeber correctly that is.


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No G3 machine ever had an NVidia graphics card, as far as I can remember -- they were all ATi cards/chipsets, even up through the G3 iMacs.

NVidia never made a Mac-compatible PCI version of any of their cards, and all G3 machines (with the exception of some of the all-in-one G3 machines like certain iMacs) had PCI for their video, not AGP.


Yeah, I just had a quick check through MacTracker and all G3s had ATi graphics with the exception of the Kanga PowerBook.


So where does that leave us? Ok so from the G4 and after Ati was kinda bullyed by Nvidia? Sort of seems like it i guess?