The last few days.....


Simply Daemonic
.... I have been feeling really agressive towards apple :p
Maybe I should lighten up... ok here it goes... 1....2....3... **deep breath**.....** exhale **.... there I feel better.

Now you do it ;)

PS: This doesnt mean that I dont want the problems fixed :p
Yeah, I ordered 10.1 full retail from Apple Store Canada the day it was announced.

Clicked on the Buy Now, etc.... - somewhere along the ordering process the website update wasn;t complete cause I got it today and it was A FUC*ING 10.0!!! Oh, I was SO pissed off.

I realize now that I should have noticed it on my shipment email, but I was too excited.

Now I Love Apple, as they graciously shipped a 10.1 to me without asking me to return the 10.0 - it better be FULL though!