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Since most of us diehard OS X fans installed 10.1 on saturday or sunday, were pretty much even as far as uptime goes, so lets see who lasts the longest.....

when you think you have a worthy uptime, post it. We'll see who's got the record.

As of now: 8:17PM up 3 days, 1:13, 2 users, load averages: 1.15, 0.67, 0.61
6:10PM up 8 days, 3:16, 3 usersm load averages: 1.14, 1.04, 0.73

I have been running it since i downloaded the GM before the tru release on Sat. That is why i ahve 8 days.
I had a B/W G3 running OS X 10.0.4 which had an uptime of over a month. But it was only used 2 or 3 times a week testing classic compatibility of software we develop. It was running on a 500w UPS. Anyone that used it never rebooted it, they just let it run and go into sleep mode.
What surprises me are the number of people who shut their computer off, which I never do anymore. In X, I usually log out at night and hit the sleep button. In X.0.4 I went weeks on my Cube which gets used extensively. There will be times though, when you will just want to reboot
When I had my iMac, it would sit in my dorm room on for weeks upon weeks running SETI. Now that I have my icebook that I carry around with me everywhere, my valuable uptime has gone to waste.

Remember, it's not how long ur computer stays up, it's how long it could stay up if you wanted it to. (you know the analogy to power I'm making)

are we counting running as how long without a restart or how long since we've shut off the computer...cause if that's the machine has been running for about 4 months now, with 10.0.4 about three months, i don't have 10.1 yet, so i can't get involved with that. If this isn't the case, and restarts count as it being down....then completely ignore me, thank you
The original post started out as the uptime without rebooting. In terminal, type uptime and that is what they are reporting here.
Basically, how long it has been since you rebooted your OS.
Nope, it's uptime as reported by the "uptime" command. Type it in the terminal. But no fair! I just got it yesterday, and I havn't had time to install it until today! (Our store hadn't gotten theirs)
Well, I'm already out of the game (although, I'm going to try to get in, again). Here's a tip: if you've mounted an SMB drive, and the Windows machine crashes, don't try to access the SMB drive. This is a bug that's gonna be reported to Apple...
Rev. A iMac:

[localhost:~] frank% uptime
11:05PM up 4 days, 10:49, 1 user, load averages: 3.33, 3.15, 2.83
[localhost:~] frank% date
Wed Oct 3 23:05:58 CEST 2001

Still unable to crash my mac :D
Now trying to beat my NT 4 SP6 at work with about 1300 hours uptime *grrr*
I think that it is too soon to start talking about uptime. I used to have weeks and even months (1-2) of continuous uptime under MacOS 9.

I figure there were two keys to keeping my machine from crashing -
1. Be extremely selective about extensions. I rarely added any extensions to me system. Even after I did an extensions, if there was any problem, I deleted them and never looked back.

2. Always make a backup of the system before installing any programs. If anything goes wrong, you can back out gracefully.

That said, I expect many, many months of continuous uptime from Mac OS X.

For a server or a client? I have seen Solaris servers (small web servers for diffrent parts of the College) that have uptimes of a year when they had good admins.

For a desktop its far less likely, expecialy since Apple doesn't have any kind of virtual consoles so I can kill the WindowServer when it gets out of hand.
I was the admin for a WebStart server running MacOS 9. As long as I did not muck witht he configuration, I could get months at a time of pretty active use. When it did crash, I could attribute it to it did at that very moment.

I would like to think (hope) that a year is reasonable if you are careful with OS X. =>
Ok, I don't know what happened (I JUST started up...) but here's what the terminal is reporting:

8:58PM up 11599 days, 58 mins, 2 users, load averages: 0.19, 0.13, 0.00

Lovely, eh?

I installed OS X on the iBook (original) of a friend of mine who does not have internet access. She very rarely uses the computer, but leaves it on, and asleep mostly.

I returned many moons after installing it, and looked at her uptime, and it was up for 69 days (as of last week).

(OS X 4k78)

Apparently she does very little with it, as process id's are in the 500's.