The New Look


I haven't seen the site on my iPad or my phone but on the MacBook - it is awful.
Don't like the teal
Don't like the font - it just hurts my eyes (maybe because it is in "Barf Teal")
The two column format leaves out important info about thread activity
The leading both between threads and within the thread is bloated
Has the line spacing changed to 1.5?

Anyone else? Is it better on mobile?


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May the login should have a some words from the top (not many words) so people have cleared cookies to get to the login setup page. IMHO this should have a link right from the main forums page.


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Though I personally like teal as a colour, and it even seems to fit my age-old Avatar just fine, I think it doesn't say "" much. (Also doesn't fit my T-shirt I'm still proudly wearing from time to time.) ;) So... I'd go to a blue colour scheme, personally.