The next apple products - your opinions


Simply Daemonic
Apple has just proved (yet again) that they are not limited in what they can do. First the iPod was on fire, and still is as the best selling digital music player, and now the switch from AIM to Intel.

In the past apple has made some nice products (i.e.: Newton), some major flops (i.e. pipin game console), some things that never got released (i.e.: apple set top box), and some things that were only released in other countries (i.e. wireless internet service in paris?)

So what do you think Apple's next portfolio products are?

1. A new PDA ? (something like the lifedrive, not something typical like an axim) - chant: newton, newton, newton!

2. A smartphone? (something like the Treo, HTC devices, SE Pxxx series, Nokia S80, S90 series) ? - chant: newton, newton, newton! (or OSXLITE :p)

3. Enhanced 'regular' phones (like the iTunes phone?)

4. A set-top box DVR/Cable combo?

5. A new game console ? (hey both sony and microsoft proved that a newbie in the field can do well! - but of course they had money)

6. Taking over Sun and/or SGI ? :p (lol)

7. What else ?!

What can you think of, and why do you think that it is likely?
(be as creating as you want, after all this thread is for pure unadultarated fun ;) )

1. Nope. The PDA market is dying and being melded into the phone relm.

2. Jobs is still friends with Woz. Woz is part of Danger. I wouldn't be surprised if you see a collaboration in the future.

3. See number two.

4. Apple's Mini enhanced. It is coming and rumored to be called Asteroid.

5. Apple was already burned one by a game console, they won't be caught again.

6.. SGI would be a nice Apple grab!

7. Video iPod is coming. It is just a question of time.
danger is awful :) I would never buy a sidekick for oh so many reasons ;)

How about Satelite radio integration ? what are your ideas ?