the "pause delete" key on a mac, where is it?


When my girlfriend uses virtual pc on her mac she needs to use a key that is on windows keyboards but not on mac keyboards. It is the key in the upper right hand corner of the window's keyboard called the "pause break" key.

Is there a way that one can do the same thing on a mac keyboard?




tried the F16 key and it didn't work. how can this get programmed in as the pause break function. any other suggestions?


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To enable Apple Keyboard Support:
1 Click the keyboard icon in the Windows System Tray.
2 Choose Enable.
Apple Keyboard Support is enabled by default.

The following table tells you how to type PC key commands on Apple external and
built-in keyboards. For details, see:



tried the link above:
and it came up as "document not found."
feeling hopefull, did you find the document when you went there?


That article seems to be gone.
It mentions the various different key commands, and the pause/break key is f16 on the Apple external keyboard. That article is really for some support information for BootCamp. This might not be available at all with Virtual PC, but you should probably try a standard PC/Windows keyboard as that might be supported. (probably). Many Apple keyboards do not even have an f16 (such as the one that I am using)


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The iBook doesn't have an f16 key, you need a full-size one..


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Is it a wireless keyboard? If so, it won't work.

Found this on Apple's Boards, see if it helps;

I think that you have to install Keyboard support manually (at least I had to do it with BC 1.1.1, check if the Keyboard Support icon appears in the bottom-right corner): run C:/Program Files/Macintosh Drivers.../Keyboard Support/Setup.exe.