The Photofast Air USB3 Adapter, Why not?


Searched around for USB3 related message threads, finding none current, here goes. :)

This URL reveals fantastic news about the new Photofast Air USB3 adapter.
It bumps the MacBook Air to 256 gigs and provides a USB3 port. Price unknown, Release date unknown.

All this sounds wonderful until you read this followup URL describing that Apple forced Photofast to abandon the project.

Why did the Apple executives order PhotoFast to cease this effort? The article states that,
The risk of losing access to Apple's product licensing program...
but this doesn't clarify why Apple senior leadership ordered them to stop development and production.


U.S.D.A. Prime
Probably because the hard drive (SSD) in the MacBook Air is a "non-user-serviceable" part, and offering that upgrade SSD would be in conflict with that. It would entice users to muck around with portions of the MacBook Air that Apple doesn't want them mucking around with.

That's my best guess.