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hey check out this site out. they have loads of cool icons for os x. i love the OS 9-style icons the just posted. both orientations, 9 colors! very sweet


I think the show pays Apple or Apple pays the show to use the Mac stuff. Apple probably made them a special OS 9 theme/version with the OS X trashcan and the different colors and fonts. Most shows don't really even use a real OS to do computer stuff, it's usually generated by an image program. But to me, this looks like a special version of OS 9 made for them by Apple.

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Ok kids, settle down, or I\'m gonna start pimp-slappin yas.

Did anyone actually READ Slimshady\'s last post? Try the
There are icons, a stoopid-futuristic font, and as mentioned, an OS X trash can.
A dead giveaway that this is not Unix: The APPLE MENU :)

looks just like a nifty K-scheme afterall!

...Damn. Just when I was getting used to X....


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Just because it has a apple menu, doesnt mean it isnt a unix of some sort. Here, look at this..

That is Linux, running X, Enlightnment, Gnome, and bits of KDE. Yes, the apple menu you see did work. Yes, you are looking at the Aqua theme for E and the gtk Aqua theme, only I did more work and added way more stuff which is not shown due to a hard drive crash. That jpg is the latest I was able to recover, which was about 15 hours before I had a functioning desktop that looked in every way like a cross bread between OS9 and OS X. I am not working on themeing E or any other X wm due to I have a nice iMac DV+ running the real thing (OS X). I just hope apple includes all of the gcc tools with their release come March :)


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Hey to all... reviving this thread lol.
I was @ icon factory and I got a set of newton icons.
I have a newton and I love it lol, so having these icons on the mac is kinda cool ;)

Has anyone heard if OS X icons depicting newton OS and other OS icons will be made ?



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I got new MacOS X 4k78 and tired to replace the Hard drive ICON. But it wont allow me to replace. I only can replace folder but not application or others.. How can i do that?


Erm, hate to disappoint, but the program makers just shoved a heavily layered photoshop'd screenshot of OS 9 with K-Scheme and a couple of custom icons into director or something similar, and animated everything from there, finally pasting in the screen through After Effects.
Why would Apple create a custom OS for a TV show? It would take about twenty times longer to create a customised OS with transparent windows, real-time video and extremely fast system response.
Every TV and film producer I know that wants a cool OS on a computer screen does it this way for three reasons- it's cheap and quick, and you get the results you want (not some wobbly mouse flitting all about a screen trying to find out what button to press.)
The most obvious example of this method is the film Hackers from a while back - for Chrissake they were rendering full screen SGI graphics on a PBook 1400.


The goal of Holliwood is only to make hip looking computers that look good on film. These don't really work.

One of the reasons you see Mac's used for this so much is that it is so easy to make a fake UI for it.

No linux. No themes. No window managers. Just something like a big Macromedia Director "movie" played full screen.


I wonder if seeing computers in movies, complete with sounds for every action, is what Apple to make OS 9 Platnum sounds? (Get's real anoying after 5 minutes... especially if it is the guy in the cube next to you with this enabled.)
Look at the menus- all Photoshop menus. Then scroll to the right, the app switcher menu says Finder. This image is SO compiled, such bull, it's not even a complete theme I'll bet


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has Desktop Snap Shots. I looks like just a nifty K-Scheme. The actual show has a bunch of cool stuff that I don\\\'t think it at all easy to do in OS 9. I think that when you see a bunch of translucent windows and stuff like that they are using a form of unix like Linux PPC, or something.
I know this is a pretty old post but those of you still interested in giving os9 the translucent look can use a great shareware program called "PowerWindows". It gives you translucent menu's and windows along with full wondow rendering.

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