This is pissin' me off


Simply Daemonic
OK, got G64 burned, booted into OS 9 and REMOVED all OS X files, even invisible ones.

I rebooted from the CD and installed OS X.
It took a while since it installed everything.


WHAT THE F___ ??? :mad:

(not to mention no greek! :mad: )

What is the damn deal ? It's supposed to install those 2 (DVD + CDR) ... grrrrr :mad:

anyone feel enlightened enough to answer this ?



I do not know what to say! I havn't tried burning yet but the Deuce Bigalow DVD played fine and smooth.

When I installed 10.1, I did it from a clean 10.0.4 install. I wasn't certain how much the upgrade required before install. I did it clean because I was mucking around in the internals of my previous install - gotta love root.

Hope this helps.
Apparently 10.1 does not support DVD playback with hardware decoding, which is what I assume you're using since you've got a B/W G3... only software decoding works at this time, and that wasn't available until the later G4 machines...
I REMOVED all of OS X... not even 10.0 was there since the G64 CD is a full CD.

No DVD player
No CD burner ...
zilch, nada, niente!!!

So since I have a ZB&W I am scrooed... damn :mad: ...

Seems like OS X wont be my main OS yet :mad:

This bites!

I understand the DVD not working because of the hardware/software decoding issue, but your CD burning feature doesn't work either? What kind of CD-R or CD-RW do you have and how is it connected to your machine?
I read somewhere that for some reason the B&W don't get dvd. Ill try to hunt down the article, but I would definitely bitch to apple (once you get 10.1)
I have an external SCSI CD-RW (yamaha one).

as for sux :mad:...
I will definatelly pick a bone with apple.
Ok, that's why. SCSI CD-R/CD-RW not supported. Only FireWire, USB and IDE. No DVD because it's only for software decoding, not hardware.

I read this on a number of different places:, and a few others... maybe
Hmmmm....dang...I have a 400 MHz B/W G3 with DVD...but I'm getting 10.1 and burn it on CD and see what happens. Why would Apple leave B/W G3 behind and leaving DVD unusable.. Unless I have to reboot to OS 9.2.1 to run DVD....that sucks!

The Finder should recognize a CD-R when it is inserted into your recorder. It will ask if you want to prepare to burn it. I could not find the app either. It is integrated into the Finder and not a separate app. Toast 5 is faster, but of course it is not free. I burned a 600mb CD in 5 minutes, but it took OS X 10 minutes in preparing to burn (a lot of disk copying, creating an image file I guess) You need to customize the tool bar of a Finder window to include the Burn icon to finish the process, that one had me stumped for a few moments.:eek:
Apple left us behind...for now :mad:
damn :damn: I think I will go to the "cuss" forum and vent off some frustration... no SCSI and no h/w DVD.... this is BS :mad:

I guess the installer for 10.1 thought your computer didn't qualify for DVD player...

As for burning capabilities this is part of the Finder. You do not have a burn icon in your control panel setup???

As for lack of DVD Player... that is a separate app... maybe someone can just send it to you? What if it just works?

I do not have the burn icon in my control panels :(

I will scour around carracho to see if I can get the DVD player.
you extract the files from the disk, you dont have to DL them. the infos here:

App Extraction

i have a burn button option in customise view, but nothing in sys prefs, am i missing it?
Don't bother looking for the DVD player app. The reason the installer didn't install it on your system is because machines with hardware DVD decoders are not yet supported in the DVD player app. I feel your pain on this. I'm sure Apple is working on rectifiying this, but their lack of announcements on availability is very annoying. I know if I had a B&W G3 and was waiting on 10.1 for DVD playback, I'd be really pissed right now. Especially because Apple hasn't said when/if it will be rectified.

As for burning, I think it will be quite some time before you will see SCSI burners supported. According to the readme in the latest Toast PR#2, the reaon Toast can't write to SCSI burners is because Apple has to implement SCSI support for CD-R in the kernel, or something to that effect. Bottom line - that ball is in Apple's court, and seeing how SCSI is yesterdays technology (and you know how Apple loves to abandon yesterdays technology), I wouldn't expect SCSI CD-R support in OS X anytime soon.

It may be time to unload the SCSI burner and ante up for an internal IDE, or a USB/Firewire drive if you are serious about OS X...
I suppose perhaps I should also get rid of my "old" G3 B&W and get a new quicksilver :mad: I love SCSI...well... I have 2 SCSI ZIP and my CD-RW ... I suppose I could get a SCSI to firewire adaptor but I already have a SCSI card... this sucks :mad:

I am very loyal to apple but if apple acts like this perhaps I wont be in the future :mad: ... this stinks... oh well.. OS 9 for me indefinatelly -- OS X only for programming lol
Man, I know EXACTLY where you are coming from...

Had I not bought the new dual800 with Superdrive, my other main Mac (a G4/400 AGP) had a Adaptec SCSI card and a Yamaha 6X burner. If that was still my main machine, I'd be furious right now.

Thankfully, I was able to remove the SCSI card/CD burner from the G4/400 and move it to my Windows2000 machine for use. Otherwise, I'd probably be trying to sell it and use the money to buy a FireWire CD-RW drive.
LOL so buy a wintel machine :p naaaahhh :rolleyes:
I was thinking of doing that and loading every x86 on it EXCEPT windows :p lol