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How many years before Kirk does this take series take place again? The Federation with only 1 starship and there are Klingon Battlecruisers much like those we are accustomed to seeing in other Trek shows and movies. Would have been nice to see earlier Klingon designs in the show.
Which kinda reminds me that if you look at the Trek series the only new Klingon ships we see are these ships that look like they'v ebeen put together from spare model parts. Or the art department for Paramount was on strike. The only true Klingon ship design that look like anything decent were the battlecruiser redesigned for The Motion Picture and the Bird of Prey, designed for the Search for Spock. Don't know if any else has noticed.
I think the Klingons were supposed to get most of their technology from other civilizations, which might make their ship design a little stale. I can't really comment on specifics right now, because I'm two episodes behind on tape.
Two episodes behind? Well in that case let me fill you in on what happens...

just kidding.

Klingon ship design doesnt change lol.
It seems to be stagnant...

I wonder what they would look like in Star Trek 3260 :p
I finally caught up on what happens. Yeah, it doesn't look they altered the Klingon design from the original series at all.

Does anyone remember the reason for the original war/animosity between the Federation and the Klingons? That almost looks like it might be an important plot-line, like the Klingons and Humans go to war, and so the Federation is formed for protection. That'd be pretty cool.
There use to the a book I recalled which I can kick myself for not buying a while back, actually two books. Once was called Ships of the Starfleet, the other Ships of the Klingon Empire. The sketches in the book were by far the best I have ever seen on any Trek material.
The Klingon book had a breakdown, scouts, tug, transport, cruisers, battleships. The artwork was excellent. Not the Next Generation extra model parts garbage.
If they do get into it with the Klingons in timespan of this series, it would be interesting to see what ship design they come up with.
What I'd like to know is how the Romulans will play a part in this series? If you remember the in Broken Bow the temporally distorted figure appeared to be Romulan looking at least to me he did. Anyone have any thoughts about that?
I didn't notice that the person was Romulan, but it's clearly trying to screw with the Klingons. I certainly hope they do something with that plotline. The only thing with bringing in the Romulans, is that no human had ever saw a Romulan until the time of the original series (I remember they were all surprised), so that would be a tricky issue to deal with.
Good catch! I recall that episode, "Balance of Terror". I guess they can come up with some cat and mouse game with them where you only see a glimpse of the ship and nobody knows who they are. Eventually as membership in the Federation begin to expand when they actually start the Federation I'm sure there will be plenty of stories to add to the plotline.
If we go off of the history of Star Trek before this series, then the first contact with Klingons would not take place until 2218 (and it was implied that we gave them Warp technology). At this point in time there would not be a Federation (and there isn't) and Earth is about to enter a war (ending in 2160) with the Romulan Star Empire. And through out this war, no one sees what the other side looks like. (note: if this series runs 7 years, we won't see the end of that war). The federation is founded in 2161 (and included Human, Vulcan, Andorian and Tellarite home worlds as founding members).

They have side stepped the fact that no one has ever talked about an earlier starship Enterprise (that was Star Fleet's first), I guess for the sake of the story plot other things have to go also. It does remind me of someone making a movie about World War I, but feeling that it wasn't interesting enough so they include the Nazi and Japanese of World War II just to liven things up a little.
I would like to see a "series", or teh great majority of this show given to this romulan-human war ;) I really enjoyed the war between the dominion and the federation in DS9 ;)
Right, I forgot about that. I seem to remember the Klingons were supposed to be one of the reasons the Federation had a Prime Directive, since things went so badly with them. Let's just blame it on that dang person from the future for screwing up the timeline.

It'd be cool to give the show a bit more of an epic quality. Ever since both Babylon 5 and DS9 ended, I've been missing a series that does that.

Anyway, does anyone else think someone is going to have to die with the transporter soon? They've used it twice in four episodes pretty successfully, but it's supposed to be a really new technology for humans. You'd think they'd have at least some problems with it, debris not being counted.
Hey, yeah, cool. That'd give us a reason to introduce the color-coding of people. It's about time we knew who was going to die within the first minute of the show.
I keep noticing a plaque on Captain Archer's wall that shows what I believe to be all the ships ever named Enterprise. Looks like there is a space shuttle and some other ships as well.
Funny the in the the first Trek motion picture Captain Decker showed a plaque with all the ships names Enterprise. The starship Enterprise in this new series is obviously missing. Do experimental ships not count. This new ship is NX-01 I believe.
Is this real or a hoax ? :p
Dont want to be a pregnant man thank-you-very-much ... keep yer tests in the lab :p
(1) I kinda thought that the temporally shifted individual might be a/the Q... Might allow for some cameo appearances and far out plot lines.

(2) I did notice the HMS Enterprise on the Captains wall. Was that the real original Enterprise? Any history buffs out there - REAL EARTH history? Next week I'll look for the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.
They have the color coding now, Red Phoenix. The command is tan/mustard stripes, engineering/security has red stripes, and science/medical is blue stripes (like the original series).

As for showing ALL the ships named Enterprise, they have never done a good job of it. Our current Enterprise (CVN-65) is forty years old now, but is not the first carrier Enterprise (CV-6) that was in World War II. And yet you only see one "carrier" photo and any of the paintings or drawings (ST:TMP, ST:TNG, or Enterprise).

The NX is given to ALL ships that are not yet a "class". The Excelsior was NX-2000, but later was changed to NCC-2000 when others (many others) like her were made. The notable part of the Enterprise's number is the "01" part. Up to now, most people who followed Star Fleet design assumed that like our early Navy, Star Fleet was made up of ships made for other uses and organizations that became ships of Star Fleet when it was formed. So this would make me believe that this is the first ship designed and built by and for Star Fleet. Like the first ships of our Navy (design but Joshua Humphreys) NX-01 looks like it is supposed to be a design far beyond anything before her (much like the Constitution, Constellation, Congress, United States, President and Chesapeake were).

If you were wondering what the Enterprise (CV-6) looked like, here is an image of her before she was scraped in the late 50's.


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Thanks racerx.

Knew about our two Enterprises but did the British have more than one. I'm going to do a search today if I can find the time but you seem to have a wealth of knowledge on hand in that brain of yours... I don't think the Brits have an Enterprise in service now, do they?