Three important questions, eMac 1.25Ghz


I have an eMac 1.25 Ghz G4 and recently I have had three problems/questions that I need the best answers I can get to. Any and all help is appreciated :D

1. I have a 32 Mb Video Card (AGP ATI, as it were) which came built into the eMac. I frequently play games such as Halo and UT 2004 and I find that I wish the games could run faster and with better graphics. Is there any way at all that I can increase my video performance (maybe through a new card or more VRAM if that's even possible?) This looked doubtful from what I've searched online...

2. Following the plan to allow my games to run better, I am considering upgrading my RAM. Currently I have 512 MB DDR SDRAM Installed split between two slots, so I know replacement will be costly. Does anyone know if it will be worth it and if it will increase performace significantly enough to purchase?

3. I want to record or "capture" footage from my PS2/Gamecube. Is this at all possible without a capture card or some really expensive plug-ins? I have a VCR if that helps.

Thanks for helping out to all


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1. Nope, you're stuck with what came with the system.

2. More memory will help performance overall, but for gaming and the like, a better graphics card with more VRAM would make for a bigger boost (see #1). You won't see much speedup in games with just adding RAM.

3. There are a lot of analog-to-digital converters that either work through FireWire or USB. I'll research and post back with some links if someone doesn't have suggestions of their own.


2. More RAM will only help your loading times between maps etc in games. It won't speed up your frame rate. It might stop random pausing and jerking though.