Thunderbird Hangs


I have two iMac G5s called Ivory and Gold (yes, I am lucky). I use Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla on all of them. On Ivory, Thunderbird stopped working in May 2005 and refuses to work, despite re-downloads, reinstalls, restarts etc.

The program loads, shows my email up to May 2005, and then has a wristwatch hang symbol. On the menu bar, the Thunderbird tab is incomplete - it just has the About Thunderbird item, and that cannot be clicked. The other menu tabs are complete, but no item can be activated.

Something must be preventing the program from completing its load and starting up properly. Get Gold, which is a twin of Ivory, works fine, nd Thunderbird on Ivory was okay till May.

I am jsut hoping that someone might have heard of this problem before and know how to fix it. I realise it is a long shot.

I have MacOS X 10.3.9, 768MB.


Sounds like Thunderbird's preference files became corrupted. Just go to ~/Library/Preferences/ and find Thunderbird's preference files (I don't do have Thunderbird) and throw them all out. Then start up Thunderbird (you may have to put in the server settings again, so write them down first).