℗ Thunderbolt 3 & New Usb3 Combine!


In Geostationary Orbit
With the new Intel blog post Thunderbolt 3 - The USB-C that Does it All and to me this will be a great Fall release of IMHO the nMP that should be released this year! Plus now it looks like all you have to do is buy a certain cable to get the true Thundebolt speeds. Apple should be putting this in nMP!


I like the video quality of 4K. 4K video has now spread from TVs to other imaging products, such as camcorders and LUMIX digital cameras. Quadruple the resolution of Full-HD promises superb image quality, but that’s not all. Another highlight of 4K is exciting possibilities in editing. But not all video editing software can support 4K so far and you might need edit in a video converter like Pavtube before importing into Mac editing programs like FCP, or iMovie.