Tiger and iLife


Is it just me, or is anyone else a little dismayed with Apple for not including a more recent version of the iLife applications, except for iTunes in its Tiger upgrade?

I just purchased a new iSight camera, (in additon to Tiger) only to learn I now need to additionally purchase and upgrade to iMovie 4 to use it with iMovie. Isn't that a little chintzy of Apple? Or am I just being naive to forget that the sole priority is to turn a profit in every little way possible and/or imaginable.

Apple is so elegant and sophisticated in so many ways. What a pity that it has to act so smarmy and cheap in others when it can well afford not to do so.

What about soul priority?!
And I am a shareholder . . .
iLife '05 and Tiger are two, separate software packages. iTunes is the only "free" part of iLife (so it's either included with new OS releases or freely downloadable from Apple's site), and iLife '05 is not included with Tiger. You must purchase it separately.

This is the way it's been since iLife '04 -- it was not included with Panther, so it was a separate purchase. No surprises there.

I guess it gets confusing because iLife '04 and iLife '05 are included with new Macintosh computer purchases, making it "seem" like it's a part of the OS, but it's not.