Tiger Incompatiblity With Aga/adc Converter



I have a Powerbook G4 (old VGA one) connected to a flat panel studio montior via Gefen VGA-ADC converter box. Under 10.2.8 it worked fine.

Once I upgraded to Tiger I found 2 problems.

1. Powerbook will not boot with Monitor attached. Boots fine without monitor attached, and can successfully connect and use monitor after Powerbook boots.

2. Even when using monitor succesfully, the horizontal axis of the screen is shifted 2" to the left - so the left edge of teh screen is actually off the screen and I have a 2" black bar on the right edge.

I know the monitor is working correctly, I hooked it up to another Mac runnning 10.3 and it displays fine. I believe the problem is with teh combination of Tiger and the ADC adaptor.

I found Dr. Botts VGA/ADC adaptor and they claim it will work under Tiger, but I don't want to spend $300 until I'm sure. Any suggetions?


Is the resolution for the external display set correcly in the "Displays" pane of the System Preferences?

Will the system boot with the adaptor and monitor attached, but with the monitor powered off?