Tiger instal prob...

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mata hari

So, here's the thing, a friend is at home right now with his brand new PowerBook 15... lucky boy.... and of course with 2 instal CD of Tiger. Wonderful i thought, but when i start the instal on my mac i just get a charming message telling me "This program cannot be instal on this computer"... i'm speechless...

i'm runing on an old iBook ice, G3 600mghz, 640ram and a 80 giga harddisk recently instaled, i got already the same message when i tried to instal my old version of FinalCutPro... could the new hard disk be the problem?
any idea...?

okey, i've been told that these instal CDs, coming from a PowerBook package can actualy only be instal on... a PowerBook !

now, any one of you has any idea if possible to pass through...? might be possible to crack it and make a free version from these CDs, no?
any idea or trick are welcome...
Yes, system restore CDs are machine-specific. You cannot use a PowerBook Restore/Install CD to restore/install on an iBook (or anything other than a model of PowerBook very similar to the one the CDs came from).

Buy your own copy of Tiger. Doing anything short of that (ie, borrowing, copying, pirating, downloading, sharing, etc.) is illegal and undiscussable here (as outlined in the forum rules).
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