Tiger install can not find a disk


I installed a new internal drive and partitioned it. My intent was to install tiger to it and have my other drive for x10. Tiger will not find the new drive for installation and sais the os can not be installed on this computer.
Please be more specific about your hardware and setup. It's tough to troubleshoot a problem when the only thing we know is that you've got a new hard drive.

What kind of Macintosh computer are you using? What is the exact brand and size of the new hard drive and the old hard drive? How did you connect the new hard drive -- internal ATA connection, or via a PCI ATA card? Did you jumper the drives correctly for a master/slave situation? Have you formatted the new drive using Disk Utility (available from the "Installer" menu when you boot from the Mac OS X Install CD/DVD)? What kind of Mac OS X Install Disks are you using -- are they retail copies, the copies that shipped with the computer, or copies that shipped with a different computer?