Tiger on a G3 iMac


Hi, I know this has been covered elswhere, but I can't seem to find the solution to my very specific problem. I'm running a 600 MHz PowerPC G3 iMAcwith OS 10.3.9. I have no internal DVD Drive. I have Tiger as a .dmg file, though.
Had to edit much of the thread... But on the topic of installing the dmg on a Mac without DVD drive (or a non-bootable USB DVD drive):

If the Mac has a FireWire port, you can try and install using another machine, hooking your iMac up via FW in Target Mode (boot with Apple-T held down), so it mounts as a harddrive on the DVD-enabled Mac.

One other way is to simply mount the .dmg and find the Installer.mpkg on it. This way, you can update, as long as you're not booted into the system you want to update, i.e. you need at least two volumes with an installed Mac OS X.
Btw.: I'm sorry that I had to remove some posts in the thread. I'm doing this so I can keep this thread live instead of having to remove it completely. I hope that's alright with everyone...
Hmmm... fine with me, although this thread now appears even more off-topic than it was in it's previous incarnation.

If it took that much editing to get it to a "presentable" state, my opinion is that it's just better off closed rather than edited.

At any rate, I don't think the 600MHz iMacs can do "Target Disk Mode," but I may be mistaken... it's worth a try.
Okay thanks guys, Im gonna try this out with my buddy who has a mac mini combo drive. We're gonna burn the dvd from another friend of mine's G5 tower. Any hints as to burning a successful backup of the Tiger DVD image?
Besides, I had to edit your _last_ post again. This is not about me being 'nervous', it's about me rather explaining to you how you _do_ get help here rather than you being banned because of the board rules. Read them, btw. ...