Tiger Preview.app is BROKEN!!


I use the service eFax. The faxes I get come into my email as a single tiff file. This tiff file can have multiple pages. The old version (pre Tiger) of Preview would open and print these with no problem. Tiger's version of Preview will open them, but will not print them...won't even properly convert them to a PDF. My solution so far, was to get Preview.app off one of my Panther machines and use it instead (it works fine in Tiger)

Anyone else experience this and have a fix?

Dual 2.5, Tiger 10.4.2
17" Powerbook, 1Ghz, Tiger 10.4.2
17" Powerbook, 1Ghz, Panther 10.3.9
14" iBook, 800Mhz, Panther 10.3.9
i have panther and can't use preview to view the multiple page tiffs from preview. you're doing better than i am.
I never had a problem viewing multi-page TIFFs under Panther with Preview.app... perhaps it has something to do with how the TIFF was created -- perhaps in a non-standard way or something?
Nope, I have both versions of Preview (Panther & Tiger) on my machine. The Panther version continues to display and print the files just fine (even does that little smothing trick on the tiffs so they look better on screen), the tiger version will display them, but that is about it. It will not print one page or more than one page. It simply gives an error when trying to print. Thought it may be a print driver issue...no go. It won't even make a good PDF from the file. GraphicsConverter also does everything correct with the file. For sure its Preview for Tiger...
Oh, and to ElDiablo, the problem is with Tiger, not Panther. Panther Preview has always worked good. My current advice, if upgrading to Tiger, take a copy of Preview for Panther with you.