Tiger refuses to install Iwork.

Hans Verschoor

Dear Readers

I have a new Imac G5 Tiger preinstalled,...iwork was preinstalled. I thought to never use it and threw it away. Later I became interested in the program and bought it fysically.

Placed the install cd and was very surprised as the system told me: That is was not possible to instaLL THE SOFTWARE BECAUSE ALREADY A NEWER VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE WAS INSTALLED.
Before I had removed all filles related to Iwork. I also looked in the hidden folders but could not find anything .

So I cannot install my bought AppleSoftware :mad: ,...who knows a solution.

Thanks in advance Hans
Go to Hard Drive>Library>Receipts. Trash all the iWork, Pages and Keynote files.

Now give the install a try.
Hallo Cheryl

That did the trick. I could install Iworks now, which I did.Thank you very much. But,....take a chair,....now the serial was not accepted. And I cannot use the programs.
I bought it through the AppleStore and it is not easy to contact them.

Thanks anyway/good weekend.

try entering the serial number again. Apple has made this interesting, because you may find both ohs and zeroes. Try again with a letter o instead of zero (if you have that in yours) This worked for me when i finally got the hint.