Tiger Slow after bad backup job


I backed up my System, Library, and Users folders before repartitioning. I repartitioned, copied thee Users folder back, and things were good. Except for the fact that some applications (Photoshop, Dreamweaver) needed stuff in the systemwide Library folder to run correctly. Therefore, I booted from my other partition, pasted my Library and System folders onto the first partition, and rebooted. This caused a kernel panic, so I reinstalled Mac OS as an upgrade, which preserved my Library folder (from the earlier installation) and repaired the System folder. Now, however, the system is very slow and becomes "lost in thought" with the spinny color-wheel cursor at random times, for many seconds on end. Will running a "cache repair" program like Yasu fix this, or will I have to do something else?


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Personally I wouldn't recommend backing up a Library folder, as it has a lot of preferences and similar files. I'd let the programs re-make them.


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You can't just copy system folders in OS X like you could in OS 9 or earlier. You have to Clone using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper.