Tiger update for AFP?


Is there a possibility they (Apple people) will update this AFP problem on MacOs X Tiger?

If no, then, it’s the end of the road…I guess.

Better go back to Panther. I don't have to wait for MacOs X 10.5 whatever.
rossiv said:
...this AFP problem...
What specific AFP problem? While I agree that the networking protocols under Mac OS X leave something to be desired, I don't know what exact AFP problem you're referring to, or whether you're referring to AFP in general being a problem... please be more specific.
ElDiabloConCaca said:
please be more specific.

Oooops! Sorry. Here’s the problem: We have a network of Macs (15 that is) and have systems of 8.6 and 9, and my computer just upgraded from Panther to Tiger. Everything’s worked perfect until I changed my system. Do I have to go back to Panther? Or if there will be a future update on Tiger? Thanks!
Hi All,

I just bought myself a new Mac G4 (OS 10.4) and have been looking at ways to get my work off my old Imac (OS8.6). I bought an ethernet cable, and was able to see the Imac over the network on the G4. However it came up with "Connection failed. Incorrect AFP Protocol". I was under the impression that I would need to install an updated AFP for the Imac 8.6...

Please help!

Did you try enabling AppleTalk as described above? How exactly are you trying to connect from one machine to the other over the network?