Toast 6 - is there any file updating option?


I am using Toast 6.0 running on OSX 10.4.2.

I've just recently transferred all my working files from my XP machine to my G4, tower and so am used to putting a partially burnt DVD in, using Nero and updating either newer versions of the files I have or including ones not yet there thus giving me a current backup without having to burn another DVD.

I am looking for something like this feature on Toast but have failed to come up with a solution. All I found was "file compare" but it doesn't let you drag the new files onto teh "to burn" area.

Is there a way to do this that I have missed or do I need to find another software package instead since I do not want to burn a new DVD every time.

Thanks for your assistance.

Well sorry to break the news but adding more to already partially burned DVD-RW/CD-RW is not existent in toast. I personally don't know of any software on the Mac that will do that. That function was dropped on the Mac platform because it was so unreliable. CD-Rs are so cheap there is really no reason to do it.
Ok, well that's good to know. I guess I will stop looking for a way to do this then.

Thanks for your help.