Toast 7 won't burn...


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All features of this new version seem to work pretty well - except the one it's primary purpose is - burning discs.

I have tried to burn several tifferent type and sizes of discs - all of which burn fine in Toast 6, but not Toast 7.

When clicking on the burn button, the app window just shakes bakc and forth... like shaking it's head.


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It's available as an upgrade for customers who purchased 6 Titanium. I got an e-mail from Roxio offering it to me for $99 with a $30 mail in rebate. I was going to upgrade, might hold off for a few point upgrades.


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Check MacFixIt. They've had problem reports for v7.0. Also contact Roxio.


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lilbandit said:
It's available as an upgrade for customers who purchased 6 Titanium. I got an e-mail from Roxio offering it to me for $99 with a $30 mail in rebate. I was going to upgrade, might hold off for a few point upgrades.
Yup, it sure is:

AFAIK, the only copies of Toast 7 available to the general public are beta versions for the beta testers and illegal versions for the pirates -- at least until August 31 (or closer to that date).


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ElDiabloConCaca said:
Toast 7 has not been released yet.
Roxio has been offering to sell me Toast 7 for over 2 weeks now.

Their emails to me have the following subject line.

PRE-SALE OFFER. Get Toast 7 before the general public! Save $30.

So it is very possible "The Battman" is trying a non-beta, legal copy of Toast 7.


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I have gotten the email 4 times in the last week. (got another as i was typing this) I don't think $69 is a very good upgrade price so I'm holding off. I paid that price new at the store for 6 Titanium maybe a year ago. But it does say its a download only thing. So I'd assume it's probably downloadable after you pay for it.

For kicks, I started the purchase process (with no intention of finishing it) and it says the price is $99.99 and then a $30 mail in rebate. Wow do they think they got something special here. That's just way too much. Esp for those of us who have owned it and should get a great discount for the update!

As far as the problem, is Toast seeing your burner? Have you tried re-installing or trashing the prefs? I got the same thing on mine when my burner was broken and it didnt see it correctly.


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Strange... I got my email late July/early August saying Toast 7 would be released at the end of the month, and as a previous purchaser of Toast 5 and Toast 6 would be offered a special price after rebate... no mention of getting it before anyone else, nor any mention of being able to download it!

My bad, I apologize for assuming... Now I'm just miffed that all you will get your copies before me! ;)

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No probs here ElDiablo - you are just doing what most of us here do... looking out for the real deal.

So as a "purchaseer" (play on spelling) of 5 and 6 did they offer you a better deal than the laughable 99.95 minus a $30 USD rebate?

I have owned it for years and never gotten any kind of special deals that make me actually feel like I'm a special old school customer.

Disapointed that as a long time holder I get offered a "deal" that costs me what it woudl to talk into CompUSA to get it... minus a 3 month wait for my $30 rebate.



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The offer price was $99.95, plus a $30 rebate for a final price of $69.95, boxed and delivered no earlier than August 31st.

I did purchase both Toast 5 and 6 at educational pricing in a university software store here in town, but I don't think that has anything to do with it -- as far as I know, the boxed copies of 5 and 6 that I got were identical to retail copies, and that they did not use different serial numbers to differentiate between retail and educational copies (ie, Roxio wasn't tracking educational purchases, just offering retail copies to edu institutions at reduced pricing).

At any rate, Roxio's got my order now so we'll see when the actual product arrives. I was under the assumption that "no later than August 31" meant "no later than August 31" for anyone... but as of yet, nothing has shipped. Nothing on my order indicates that I'm getting an "educational" version of Toast.