ToDo / Reminder


I have need to schedule ToDo's. The example today is I need to pay the state sales tax for my corporation. It is due Jan 20'th or so each year. What I want is:
  1. The ability to check it off as completed
  2. The ability to have it repeat
  3. The ability to remind me multiple times before the date. e.g. two weeks before, a week before, two days before, and on the day its due

iCal has #2 and #3 but not #1. Reminders has #1 and #2 but not (that I can find) #3. I'm on 10.8 still. Maybe #2 and #3 are redundant but with Reminders I can't figure out when it will remind me (nor how it will remind me for each Reminder). All in all, I can't figure Reminders out. It seems about 40% of iCal.
Isn't Reminders part of 10.9? As you number 3 I can go into 10.9's Reminders and do click the little "i" button and set the repeat for certain times. Does that fit the bill?
The repeat I set for once a year (to satisfy #2). In iCal for example, I can set a list of "alerts" to go off. Each alert can be one of four things and a specified amount of time before the event.

On a slightly different topic, with Reminders, if it is just a simple thing like go to the dentist, how do I know when it will remind me? Can I specify how much lead time I need (e.g. it will take me an hour to drive to the dentist so alert me an hour before the appointment)?
No, in Reminders you can not set what time frame to remind you.

A work around would be to use Calendar, and reset the reminder timing when it comes up the first time.