TONS o' tips and tricks


I am trying to put together on complete list of all of the tricks that occur from using the control, option, command and shift keys combined with clicking.

Some of these are well known, some are not.

In the Finder:
- option-click the minimize button minimizes all windows on the screen
- option-click the close button closes all windows on a screen
- shift-click the "hide toolbar" button to bring up the customize toolbar options, shift click it again to make it go away

- command click the title of a window to show the path to that file

- shift click to select all of the items between two files in list or column view
- command click to select any number of non-adjacent items in the list or column view

- option click the triangle in front of a folder to see what is inside every folder it contains

- option drag a file or folder to copy it
- command-option drag a file or folder to make an alias

- option click somewhere outside the current application to hide that application

Menu Bar
- command click and dragging lets you move the clock and sound icons around menu bar, or off of it to get rid of them
- Holding down option changes the Window menu option "minimize" to "minimize all windows" and "Bring All to Front" to "Arrange in Front"
- Holding down option changes the "Close Window" under File to "Close All"

In the Dock
- command-option click on an application in the dock to hide all other open applications
- control clicking on any item in the dock is the same as clicking and holding except without a pause
- command clicking on a file or folder in the dock reveals that file or folder in the finder
- option click on an application in the dock changes the quit option into force quit

Other applications:
- option-click the green button to maximize a window in Internet Explorer
- Shift-click the green button to maximize a window in Omniweb

If you have any more, please add them to the list!
Control- clicking on a launching application gives you a menu with the option to force quit the application before it is fully open. Nice if you mistakenly click on a closed application.
1. If you hold down option when resizing the dock it snaps into preset sizes

2. Click on the line in the middle of the dock while holding down shift. Now move your mouse to another edge on the screen, the dock will move to that edge.

Cool huh?



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Should I keep posting these or does everyone know them already?

oh yah, here are two more I found:

- when in single window mode in the finder, command double click a folder to open it in a new window

- command click and drag on the "favorites" button in the toolbar to drag them around. To delete one, drag it to the trash, the icon of which will transform itself into a PAIR OF SCISSORS.


PS. If everyone else already knows these, how about you post the rest here and let me in on it?
Option-double-clicking a folder in the Finder closes the current Finder window and opens all selected folders in new toolbar-less windows

Press Option in the Finder's Window menu to change "Bring all to Front" to "Arrange in Front."

Just to be thorough...
Hold down the Command key to drag any window around without bringing it to the front or activating its application. If it's a Finder window then you can even command-click in the title and go up directories without bringing the Finder to front.

Funky behavior...
As we all know, option-clicking the close/minimize window gadgets closes/minimizes all the windows of a given application. However, if the application is in the background the option-click *also* hides the current application and brings the clicked application to the front. Given the way this happens (try it!) I think this is a bug, not a feature.
If you have an Apple ProKeyboard, you have access to these shortcuts (they may work with other keyboards, I don't have access to test):

option + volume up/down/mute: launches Sys Preferences and shows all

ctrl + eject: gives you a Shutdown/Restart/Sleep modal dialogue