Transfer Apple Mail To Outlook For Mac 2016?

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Roger Knight

Hello Everyone,

I need to transfer my apple mail email database to outlook mac 2016 urgently. My apple mail email client is heavily loaded with emails that contain attachments and important user information. I need to switch to the outlook for mac 2016 urgently. The manual procedure (signing into outlook mac) is taking too long. I need a reliable but faster solution to transfer apple mail to outlook mac 2016.

Please help.
This topic has been discussed multiple times on various forums and now it's pretty clear that you cannot directly export and import your emails from apple mail to outlook mac. I think that apple and microsoft should work together and provide some kind of way to this situation. However, there are multiple third party apps that are capable of performing such migration. I will point out some similar threads that will help you figure out the solution.
Through these posts and my own research, I found out that mail exporter pro is doing this job well. So i got the trial version. This software really works well.
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