Hi. I have been talking with Dale. Dale, my transfer of data from the g3 suitcase to the new mini went smoothly with 2 exceptions. All of my 5000 photos in iPhoto had to be refomatted to be read by the new OS on the mini.(which is running TIGER now, This took a long time but is finally all set and working properly.

The other issue I am stuck on... The iTunes in the new system is still showing as version 4.7 and will not load 4.9. which I have tried to update/ More importantly many of my songs from the old system are not being found on the new system. The songs are listed in itunes library in the playlist but there is an exlamation point next to the songs which the program can't locate. How do I make these songs aavialable. I beleive all my songs are in the Home file under MUSIC. I have tried to transfer them to iTunes music library but they don't seem to want to go there.

WOuld appreciate you help

Rhanks Peter2533