Ok, this is something that has been bugging me for a little while. You see, for some time now I been trying to find a simple and steady way to online transfer files from a Mac to a PC. Currently my only option is messengers, but those are very slow. Does anybody know some software or maybe a site that will allow a better means to transferring large data online? I was thinking for example why there isn't a P2P that can be set up between two pacific computers. Anyway, is there anything you guys suggest?
Well there are services like and You upload a big file and the other person gets an email suggesting they download the file to their comp.

I prefer Yousendit because it has 1 GB instead of 100 MB and you don't need to create an account.

I am not sure this is what you're looking for, though. Yousendit tends to be a bit slow when you upload.

Have you tried DCC on IRC? You could set up your remote PC to auto-accept file transfers. As long as it doesn't execute them automatically, it shouldn't cause a problem with viruses.

You could also subscribe to an FTP server system.
Creo tokens got a good writeup in macworld. It's been a while since I looked at the review so I'm not sure about all the details. It was supposed to be a good way to transfer large files by e-mail or im. I think that there was a small subscription/license fee involved though.
You could also simply use FTP. It's the "file transfer protocol" after all. Create a user account on your Mac, setup FTP sharing in the Sharing control panel and if the user enters your IP and his user/password combo into an FTP client, he can upload and download to and from your computer. You can still use iChat or something like that to converse while he's uploading/downloading.

Similar things can be achieved on the PC. There's various "FTP server" freeware for Windows available. Some are even quite easy to setup.
When your friend connects, he/she must provide a username and password combination that exists on the Mac OS X machine. If need be, simply create him/her an account on your Mac as if you were adding them to the actual system ("Accounts" pane of the System Preferences).
That ip doesn't look like a real world address, log into your router and get the external ip and try again. 10.x.x.x etc is usually reserved for an private network. It should look something like (just an example)
Do you have a router attached to your computer? If you do log in as an administrator. Check your documentation for the address of the admin page. It's usually something like You might need an admin username and password. Once you have logged in, look for a WAN address or something similar. Once you get this address retry the process suggested by some of the previous posters and cross your fingers!
Having the WAN address isn't going to be enough to make a connection -- you'll also need to forward the correct ports (20/21 I believe) to the computer's private IP address as well as open the same ports on your firewall, if you have one.
I'm afraid not. I wish somebody made a easy transfer app for PC and Macs but oh well. I guess will do it. :p