Trouble from Deleting Cache and Preferences

Luke Lazatin

Hi guys!

Thinking I'd be able to speed up my computer, I deleted the Preferences folder and the Caches folder. After which, iTunes would just freeze. Also, I have processes like kernel_task and loginwindow(and I think UserEventAgent as well) eat up a lot of real memory. I can open System Preferences, but I can't click any lock button because after authenticating (and the system accepts the password), System Preferences hangs up. Often, the fan goes really fast and the system goes hot.

I've tried booting up safe mode and creating a new account (I could unlock System Preferences there) but the new account seems to also be affected by the process problems so it seems to be more than a user-specific problem. Any suggestions on what to do?

Macbook Pro 15" Mid 2012

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If another user account is also affect you might be having hard drive problems.

On OS x take a good look at Disk Warrior. IHMO it well worth the money to fix small hardware problems.

Also a good CACHE cleaning programs at Yasu or Onyx. IHMO these routine cleaning clearing should be done about once every three/four months.