Trouble setting up my own webcam/ web server


So, here's the setup: an iSight camera hooked up to PowerBook, wirelessly connected to my Airport base station, connected to the DSL modem. Got it?

To accomplish the webcam part, I've bought EvoCam (great webcam software), love it. And it has a built-in web cam server, so that when you go into a web browser, you could just type in whatevermyipaddressis:8080/webcam.html , and I should get a page with a little java applet that shows me a live webcam image.

To make sure this works through the Airport, I've given the PowerBook it's own static address outside of the dynamically assigned IP range of the Airport. I've then made that port forward (8080) through, and assigned it to the PowerBook's private IP.

Now to address the DSL connection, whose IP might be static... I really don't know.... So I got myself a stable address from , and have set up the client software on my Mac correctly, so that the computer always tells the dyndns address the number IP that it's at.

So... this should all work correctly, right? I should be able to type in and it should work, right?

Well, I had my friend type it in, and it just spun and spun, and timed out.

So then I had her type in which should give me the apache-served web site on my mac, right? Nope. Same problem. spin spin spin, then "time out" error.

Any hints?


If you want apache to work you'll probably need to forward port 80 as well... and on that note do you have both 8080 and 80 open on your Powerbook's firewall?