Troubled Importing to Apple Mail

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I am having troubles with the import option in apple mail, trying to import mails from Ms outlook 2011.
Every time I import the mails, either the mail import error shows up or when the mils are imported, they contain no data in them.

I don't know whats causing this simple import so hard to get.
I request to have a solution proven to be the best for these kind of problems.

Thank you


You can use an intermediary IMAP server, or simply create corresponding folders in Finder and drag and drop the messages from within Outlook to that folder. Then you can import to Mail from those folders/files.

Or you can simply look for third party tools for better and fast results, here is one recommended by apple store: Om to Mbox

Some similar threads having the same query, have a look:- s.html#post1527306 r-to-apple-mail/1e2b6285-b1ff-4702-87a1-3c9ee3629737

Hope this helps.
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