Troubleshooting Installer File


Dear Macosx technical support,

I’m not sure who exactly I should be contacting for help, so hopefully you can assist me.
We are attempting to update Vectorworks 11.5.0 on one of our iBook laptops which has recently been updated to OS X 10.4.2 with the file ‘Update to VW 11.5.1’
The Vectorworks update file uses the Installer Vise 8.4 to install. We have used this file to install the update on our eMacs with OS X 10.4.2 without any difficulty.
However, the problem is when we go to the Laptop the exact same file is not recognised as an Installer Vise 8.4 file and so we cannot install it. We cannot seem to find any other program that will open this file either.
I’m not sure if this has anything to do with whether we need some other Vise software installed on the laptop, although we didn’t need to do this for the eMacs in order for them to work?
Can you help?

Your assistance would be much valued.

Kind Regards,

How did you get the installer file onto the iBook? Did you download it directly to the iBook? Did you copy it over a network? Did you transfer it to the iBook via some sort of USB flash drive?

Downloading the updater directly on the iBook may help. It sounds like you may have used a FAT32 formatted pen drive or hard drive to get the installer on the iBook and it lost it's file association/resource fork in the process -- a common problem when using FAT32 formatted drives.