Trying to put a Powerbook key back on...


Basically, someone found it funny to remove the F10 key from my Powerbook 12 inch 1.33 Ghz model.

Now, I've figured out how the mechanism works, but it's almost impossible to do. No parts are broken.

Any suggestions?
If the little plastic 'scissors' is still in place, and all you have is the key top...
Place the key top in position, and press firmly down with kind of a rolling motion across the key, and that should pop it back in place. That's the only way I can describe it. These keys are easily removed by popping the key up from the left side, so you could apply pressure on the Right side first. They're tricky little things sometimes.
If the scissors is also off - I have told people sometimes to pop another key off, and take a look at that one, but you run a risk of having 2 keys that you can't put back.
is it harmless to remove keys on a powerbook 12' from the left side?
i have been wanting to do this since i spilled orangejuice all over it a few months back (just to clean it out so i dont get that 'chipping' sound and make sure the airvent are not blocked),
Most of the key tops can be popped off by coming from the left side. It can be a lot of effort if you need to remove a lot of keys for cleaning, etc. Some keys get very stubborn, but if you take your time, the keys will snap back in place.
To be honest my main problem is getting the 'scissors' into the holding mechanism.

I mean, on the left of the 'naked' spot (teeheeheehee) there are two little plates standing up with a hole in each one. You have to fit the plastic part in between.

I am finding this IMPOSSIBLE. I put it into one, and try and put it into the other... and it just pops out of the first one.

I can get this back in place, by putting one pin in its hole, and gently f-l-e-x-i-n-g the other pin in with a tool of some kind, and don't forget to watch for the _other_ part of the scissors that must fit underneath the metal bracket - it's tricky... ! If you get to do this a couple times a day, you learn the technique. Do it just once or twice, you just have to try different approaches until you get it. Way too small for my fat fingers - but I usually get it.