Unable to Resolve Server DNS Address


Can anyone share why this intermittently happens? Sometimes I can get to sites, sometimes not. I'll be working along and I'll go to a site and the "you're not on the internet" (yes I am) grey window will pop up then tell me to "contact the network administrator" (my favorite all time copout line). I do have firewall on, and my work around is often to try in Safari or Firefox if Chrome fails. I do have Ghostery and AdBlockPlus set up, and Little Snitch. I've checked what I thought were incoming/outgoing connections, and I've refreshed the DNS server, and unplugged the modem, but I can't seem to find in the mountains of threads where people (mostly window users) and pleading for help, anything that actually tells me where to look and what to look for.

I'd appreciate any direction here.


Have you tried changing your DNS servers?
You may get improved internet access by changing to one of the public DNS servers, such as OpenDNS
Here's how to set that up: http://use.opendns.com/
I didn't know the cable police would allow that... I'll give it a try. I also refreshed the lease a couple times...and I switched to passive FTP... that helped on two sites, then I got the "website doesn't exist, you aren't there" message. I refreshed and it showed up.

It's so intermittent that it's hard to pinpoint the issue. Especially when it isn't consistent (though more consistent on some sites than others :)

PS and does this have any security issues?


Changing your DNS servers affects only your own computer, and does not make an impact on your ISP at all.
If you are asking if OpenDNS is - somehow - less secure than your own ISP, then here's some information that may help answer your questions.
OpenDNS has as some of its goals (from their web site)
OpenDNS is built on four cornerstones: safety/security, speed, intelligence and reliability.
read more here: http://www.opendns.com/technology/